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New Kitchen Toy And Percy Update

From Williams Sonoma Site

From Williams Sonoma Site

In an effort to cut carbs and eat more healthfully I invested in a spiralizer attachment for my Kitchen Aid. I totally love it, it’s easy to use and you actually can sort of fool yourself into thinking you are eating pasta (well sort of) anyway it is wonderful and must say I love zucchini pasta. Broke in my new gadget tonight with a zucchini and made this:

zucchini pasta

zucchini pasta with roasted tomatoes and parmigiana

Now for Mr. Percy, he is doing fantastic. He really seems to be happy here, I have totally spoiled him (as it should be). He will only rarely eat dog food now because I cook for him, he sleeps on the bed with me at night. He has made friends with my neighbors and their dogs, he adores the cats that I feed in the backyard and last Saturday I took him to Ft Greene Park, quite a long walk for the little guy at almost 11 years young so we brought Nando’s stroller if he got tired. He made it all the way to the park, had a glorious time playing with other dogs and getting lots of love from strangers, ┬ábut he got a ride most of the way back home. He is a love, so sweet, so well behaved and a real joy.

IMG_0846 IMG_0848 IMG_0951