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Mille Crêpe Cake

Look at this cake that Mimi made!!! Fantastic and what a great challenge. I am in awe, it turned out so well.

the Chef Mimi Blog

Mille. What is that – a million? Well, a thousand, but still, a lot. A Mille crêpe cake is one created from stacked crêpes that form layers. In between the crêpes can be just about anything from jam, curd, mousse, marscapone, whipped cream, pastry cream, and much more. The flavor possibilities are endless, with fruits or chocolate or nuts included.

Here are photos I discovered on Pinterest of Mille Crêpe cakes; photo credits below.

Aren’t they just stunning?

Just recently, my blogger friend Suzanne, from A Pug in the Kitchen, wrote a post that really spoke to me. She wrote about challenging herself in the kitchen, so as to present posts of her creations that were much more than “everyday” food.

All of us who follow Suzanne love her blog just as it is, plus admire her tireless work as a passionate animal advocate as well, but I completely…

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  1. Yum-ooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    April 29, 2017
  2. Wow!

    April 29, 2017
  3. yummmy

    April 29, 2017
  4. awesome —

    April 29, 2017
  5. Sandhya #

    Wow! That is stunning indeed Suzanne! What an accomplishment making a perfect Mille Crepe cake. I admire Mimi’s patience too.

    April 30, 2017
  6. Stunning

    April 30, 2017
  7. I was duly impressed with Mimi’s cake too! Thanks for sharing!

    April 30, 2017
  8. What an amazing cake

    April 30, 2017
  9. one really must have the patience of a saint to make crepe cake..layer by layer…

    May 1, 2017
  10. I was properly inspired with Mimi’s cake as well! A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing!…

    May 2, 2017
  11. She did a great job!

    May 3, 2017
  12. Such a cool cake she made!

    May 4, 2017
  13. Applesauce! I missed this one. WordPress has been a real stinker lately, especially with blogs I get via email (to make sure I don’t miss a post). Anyhow this truly is a gorgeous, mouthwatering cake. Kudos to Mimi. Hugs all around.

    May 7, 2017

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