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Food Bloggers Unite To Help Victims of Sandy

Food Bloggers Unite

Barb Kiebel author of the amazing blog Creative Culinary who I am sure you know of, has taken the bull by the horns and is calling all food bloggers to unite to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Barb lives in Denver and I am sure has been watching the news unfold, the scenes are heart wrenching. I live in Brooklyn, NY and made it through the storm with only minimal damage in my neighborhood, we were lucky, others were not. The scenes of devastation will tear your heart out, at least they do mine. Some lost their lives, those lucky enough to make it through the storm are homeless and their precious possessions gone.

Click on the link above (creative culinary) to see how you can join in and help. Disaster relief, FEMA, Red Cross, Salvation Army and many others are on the scene working round the clock to help but the devastation is so widespread the help is just not coming fast enough.

In Manhattan there has been no power from 34th Street to lower Manhattan since Monday, the streets, subways and tunnels were flooded. The New Jersey Coast was virtually destroyed, the devastation in Staten Island is unfathomable, so far they have found 20 dead in Staten Island alone and countless residents have lost everything. Queens, the Rockaways especially was vastly affected by the storm, Breezy Point was the scene of a huge fire that destroyed over 80 homes, Brooklyn’s coastal area’s flooded, Long Island is the scene of tremendous coastal damage and widespread power outages.  It’s cold and getting colder imagine being cold and hungry with no where to go, it’s heartbreaking.

I am watching the news right now and it has gone from bad to worse, there is a possibility a Nor Easter will hit here on Wednesday, the high winds and heavy rain could be disastrous for an already fragile environment.

Please visit Barb’s blog and see how you can help!

I also cannot forget all the pets that have been affected by Sandy, they need food the ASPCA is accepting donations and desperately needs help, you can also donate to the Humane Society through their website to help rescue and feed all the animals in need.