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Re-purposing Leftovers- Spicy Merguez Hand Pies

Spicy Merguez Hand Pies

I hate wasting or throwing away food, I freeze when its feasible, and try to come up with creative ways to use scraps and leftovers to create something new. I made a pie yesterday, the double crust lemon pie posted here and the other day I made a spicy merguez filling for a food52 contest to go with semolina pancakes. So I thought I would roll out the pie dough, cut into circles and fill with the merguez filling. The result is delicious and a wonderful lunch with a crisp salad, and you would never know its leftovers. This is not meatless (Meatless Monday) but using food rather than wasting it should apply any day of the week. These would be great filled with vegetables or cheese or both also. Here is the link to Semolina Pancakes With Spicy Merguez Filling. So if you have leftover dough from your pie, don’t throw it away, re-invent it.

Rolled out left over pie dough cut into circles, I was able to make 5 good size pies, I added a heaping tablespoon of filling closed into half moon shape, crimped edges with fork and baked at 375 degrees until golden brown. I served with a salad with yogurt, lemon and herb dressing.

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  1. Repurpose indeed! I’d eat this any day of the week, Monday or not. I also dip into leftovers on Monday now and then.

    April 9, 2012
  2. Ha, thank you. Me too, Monday is the day I try to use up leftovers and the pie crust is so good I just couldn’t throw the scraps away.

    April 9, 2012
  3. pat #

    These look wonderful! I, too, try to re-purpose leftovers all the time. Last week it was roast beef hash from a leftover beef roast. This week it’ll be a lamb stew from the leftover leg of Easter lamb. And I have leftover rice pilaf with spinach that will be stirred into that stew.

    April 9, 2012
    • I love trying to come up with something creative and delicious with leftovers, the hash and stew sound great and I LOVE that the pilaf is going in the stew. Don’t you love it when no one knows it is leftovers and they think you slaved over the hot stove all day.Thanks so much Pat.

      April 9, 2012
  4. GREAT idea, Suzanne! I’ve got some leftovers from Easter dinner I can do this with. Thanks soooo much for the idea!! I don’t have any crust hanging around, so I’ll look at your recipe and make yours 🙂 Thanks!!

    April 9, 2012

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