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Featured Blog-Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog



As most of you may have surmised I am an animal lover and advocate. I am active in animal rescue and have a real soft spot in my heart for senior and special needs dogs and cats. I recently found the most wonderful and inspiring blog, Lessons from a paralyzed dog, this blog was started by Sharon an animal rights writer and co founder of an animal rescue group. Sophie is paralyzed and Sharon is the most amazing, generous and kind hearted person you will find. I also have special needs dogs and she invites her readers to tell their story, I did and she featured it on her blog. Click here to read it.

Sharon is an angel,  helping spread love and find forever homes for helpless homeless animals.  When I saw the photo of Sophie I was immediately touched and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Sharon and her wonderful blog, please visit and subscribe. The stories are interesting and heartwarming, read Sophie’s story, after you do you will know what love is!

It’s important to give back and recognize acts of kindness and generosity. In my opinion those that give of themselves helping the helpless, innocent animals deserve accolades. Prepare to be inspired.