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Writing Process Blog Tour


I had heard a little about the Writing Process Blog Tour but only in passing, I wasn’t really sure what it was about but was intrigued. Fast forward about a week and I get an email from Prudy, in case you don’t know who she is, her wonderful and oh so lovely blog, Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs is one that I love and really look forward to reading. In the email Prudy asked me to participate in the tour and I said yes without hesitation. Prudy is inspiring, her upbeat nature, beautifully written recipes, the stories of her family, friends and background make for a wonderful read and lots and lots of mouth watering recipes and gorgeous photo’s..

I started my blog a little over 2 years ago, I wanted to do this because I love to cook and I love to share my food and recipes and thought this could be fun and a great way to meet other cooks and see what they are cooking. I had already gotten a taste of the global food community as an active cook on Food52, I met some good friends and fellow cooks there and cherish their friendship. I also wanted to include my two best friends and somehow incorporate them into my blog, Izzy and Nando are my sweet pugs that mean the world to me.  In the two plus years I have been writing here I have met some really wonderful people, we share a love of food and its preparation, feeding our families and friends and celebrating life, I have never personally met most of you but I know if I did it would be like seeing a good friend that I haven’t seen for a while. We let each other into our homes/kitchens and lives. It’s a close knit community we have and I love it. I follow a lot of blogs and try to read each one of them and comment, as a writer of a blog having the approval or nod from a colleague or pier is important, it’s validation.

Part of this process is to answer 4 questions so here goes:

1. What am I working on – Well, I take it a day at a time and am trying to balance work which is very busy, taking care of Izzy and Nando which is a full time job now that they are senior and not in good health, my work in my community and my blog. I am currently working on a recipe for a lovely and very generous company (I don’t really want to reveal too much now) who has sent me a delicious product. I know what I am going to make and you will too soon. Hoping it is good!! I also was asked to judge a doggie talent contest for charity so I am helping out with that.

2. How does my work differ from others– Wow, well I don’t think my work is any different really from other bloggers. I look at other blogs that are organized and focused and I guess the way mine differs is that it’s not organized or focused, not that thats necessarily bad. For example some people only focus on desserts, or vegan recipes or gluten free or health conscience. I post about something that I like or inspires me whether it’s food or something in my community or about my pugs. One day I will write about a  Middle Eastern recipes, another day Italian sometimes savory sometimes sweet.

3. Why do I write what I do – The answer is pretty simple I do this because I love doing it. I’m not getting paid to do this, it’s not a job, it is something I look forward to doing. I love cooking and creating and sharing and I can only hope that others like what I do enough to keep coming back and read my posts.

4. How does my writing process work – I wish I could say there is some formula or method to my madness but there really isn’t. I will see something that looks good at the market and decide I want to make a dish out of it, or I am talking to my Mom on the phone and we talk about food and her recipes and I decide I want to make it and share with you all. I guess you could say I work on inspiration not so much the need to cook, I will sometimes post a meal that I made but thats only a very small part of the picture. I like to enter recipe contests and post about those, the reason I like it is because (a) I’m competitive (b) it forces me to think outside the box.

I have invited 3 bloggers to participate, how do you choose when there are so many that are (a) fascinating (b) well written (c) total eye candy (d) chock full of delicious recipes. They run the gamut of varying topics, types of food etc… It was hard but here is who I chose. I wanted to choose bloggers from different parts of the world and across the US. I love reading posts from other countries, it gives insight into how people outside the US live and really, we bloggers are all pretty much cut from the same cloth no matter where we are from.


The Healthy Epicurian– Fiona’s lives an idyllic life in France with her husband, child and menagerie or I guess you could also call it a cast of characters of the animal world. Her roving doggie journalist Hugo, her horses and chickens (with attitude). I love her blog and always am entertained, enlightened and enticed by her writing (and Hugo’s) recipes and antics. It’s a good read and to top it off she is an expert in food and nutrition. Visit her, I know you will love it as I do. Fiona has so many incredible recipes but one of my favorites is her Salmon terrine, it’s delicious, light and so tasty a great summer recipe and is wonderful to bring to pot luck parties.


Liz the Chef– Liz and I go way back, from early Food52 days. She is a phenomenal cook with delicious, nutritious and heart healthy recipes. Her stories of family and caring and sharing are the driving force behind every single post. Liz hails from the beautiful state of California and lives with her miracle husband (read her blog and you will understand) and her two senior kitties. The tag line for her blog say’s it all “cooking from my family’s heart”. Liz has so many fantastic recipes but this is one of my all time favorites, it is a recipe from her Mom for Mango Chutney


Runnin Sri Lankan– Shashi is amazing, a force really. She never stops, a busy Mom to a daughter and 2 canines, a runner, she works, blogs, and is really an inspiration. Her recipes are healthful and delicious and so so creative. I know you will enjoy her blog as much as I do, she is smart, funny, kind and caring. Shashi’s oatmeal pancakes are so delicious and are in regular rotation in my kitchen, I make this recipe at least once a week, they are so good they even won a recipe contest. Thinking about them has made me hungry!